Sands of Oblivion (2007) TV Trailer

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Sands of Oblivion
Sands of Oblivion [Blu-ray]

Sands of Oblivion
A true unsolved Hollywood mystery: After the completion of the original TEN COMMANDMENTS — a film that was never released – famed producer Cecille B. DeMille had the ancient Egyptian set buried in the sands of the central California desert – no one knows why…… …until now….. In SANDS OF OBLIVION, a modern day excavation crew discovers that DeMille was secretly trying to imprison an avenging Egyptian god –trapped in a smuggled artifact amongst the movie props. Now, this team, intent on preserving the Hollywood legacy, unknowingly releases the terror once more.

# Actors: Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Dan Castellaneta, George Kennedy, Richard Kind, John Aniston, Victor Webster
# Directors: David Flores

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