Being Human- Episode 1.07- RECAP — “I See Your True Colors… And That’s Why I Hate You”

In the recap clip of Being Human “I See Your True Colors… And That’s Why I Hate You”, a whirlwind of confusion, overwhelming reality, and violence brings a ton of action to the series. Josh is caught in the midst of trying to explain to his parents that he is a werewolf. Sally tries to scare her fiancĂ© Danny but it doesn’t work, and then tries to warn his current girlfriend about him and tell her that he killed her. Aidan shows up at Josh’s doorstep while he’s staying with his parents to try and help him, but he ends up needing some help of his own when his fangs show up at the dinner table. He has to bounce back and defend Josh and his family when Marcus intrudes, creating a backyard brawl. Catch up on all of the swirling storylines before the all-new episode this Monday at 9/8c on Syfy!

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