Breakout Kings – Season 1 – Episodes 1.01 -1.03 Previews Collection

Episode 1.01 Pilot
Original Air Date—6 March 2011
When convicted murderer August Tillman escapes from prison, Veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie DuChamp and Ray Zancanelli decide to take an unorthodox approach to fugitive apprehension by forming a special task force comprised of the three most elusive fugitives they have ever captured. Convicts Lloyd Lowery, Philomena Rotchcliffer and Shea Daniels agree to assist in the case in exchange for time off their sentences.

Episode 1.02 – Collected

Original Air Date—13 March 2011
Xavier Price escapes from prison in the midst of a candlelight vigil outside the penitentiary. The Breakout Kings are immediately brought on the case to try and track him down. It turns out this violent criminal is a “collector,” and has a history of kidnapping women, torturing them, and holding them captive in basements. Once the team learns he currently has a woman hidden away somewhere, the race is on to the find her before Virgil can harm her.

Episode 1.03 The Bag Man
The quest to take down Theodore Bagwell – guest starring Robert Knepper

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