Pan Am – Series Preview

Plot Synopsis

The drama series follows the personal and professional lives of the stewardesses and pilots of the Pan Am clipper The Majestic in the 1960s as they travel the world during a time when air travel was glamorous and the Cold War was just starting. The Majestic crew includes: Dean, the newly named captain who was the first of the pilots not trained in war and is having an affair with Bridget; Ted, the jokester co-pilot who has a buzz cut and an infectious smile; Maggie, a bohemian who lives with intellectuals in Greenwich Village but transforms into a glamorous flight attendant so she can see the world; Laura, a former beauty queen who left her fiance at the altar and was previously on the cover of LIFE magazine; Kate, a rebellious, trilingual stewardess who is working intelligence for U.S. government; Colette, a flirty French stewardess; and Bridget, a motherly beauty with a mysterious past. During a conference call on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 to support its upfront presentation for 2011-2012, ABC announced the series will premiere in Fall 2011 and air on Sundays at 10pm ET.


  • Jonah Lotan – Dean
  • Michael Mosley – Ted
  • Margot Robbie – Laura
  • Christina Ricci – Maggie
  • Karine Vanasse – Colette
  • Kelli Garner – Kate

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